Lasik Surgery Bogota

LASIK surgery Bogota is the best alternative to glasses or contact lenses done for the correction of certain common vision problems.

Lasik Surgery Bogota

LASIK surgery Bogota is the best alternative to glasses or contact lenses done for the correction of certain common vision problems.

Suffering from these conditions? LASIK can help.

Suffering from these conditions? LASIK can help.

Nearsightedness (myopia)

When your eyeball is slightly longer than normal light rays focus in front of the retina and blur distant vision. You can see objects that are close clearly, but not those that are far away.

Farsightedness (hyperopia).

When you have a shorter than average eyeball, light focuses behind the retina instead of on it. This makes near vision blurry.


When the cornea curves or flattens unevenly, the result is astigmatism, which disrupts focus of near and distant vision.

What is LASIK surgery Bogota?

LASIK Surgery Bogota (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a type of laser refractive surgery — the best known and most commonly performed. We use a special type of cutting laser to precisely change the shape of your cornea — the dome-shaped transparent tissue at the front of your eye — to improve vision.

With nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, the light is bent incorrectly and it ends up being focused elsewhere, resulting in blurred vision. Traditionally, the blurred vision is corrected by bending (refracting) light rays with glasses or contact lenses. But reshaping the cornea itself also will provide the necessary refraction.

Benefits of LASIK Surgery

Better vision instantly.

Around 96% of patients will have their desired vision only a day after LASIK surgery.

A Quick and Painless method.

Surgery is usually completed in 30 minutes or less and is not painful thanks to numbing drops.

No more glasses or contacts.

Over 80% of LASIK patients no longer need the use of their glasses or contact lenses.


Most frequent questions and answers

LASIK surgery is usually completed in 30 minutes or less. During the procedure, you lie on your back in a reclining chair. You may be given medicine to help you relax. After numbing drops are placed in your eye, your doctor uses an instrument to hold your eyelids open.

Using a programmed laser, your eye surgeon reshapes parts of your cornea. With each pulse of the laser beam, a tiny amount of corneal tissue is removed. After reshaping the cornea, the surgeon lays the flap back into place. The flap usually heals without stitches.

Immediately after surgery, your eye might itch, burn and be watery. You’ll probably have blurred vision. You generally will experience little pain, and you’ll usually recover your vision quickly.

You’ll have a follow-up appointment with your eye doctor one to two days after surgery. He or she will see how your eye is healing and check for any complications. Plan for other follow-up appointments during the first six months after surgery as your doctor recommends.

It might be a few weeks before you can start to use cosmetics around your eyes again. You might also have to wait several weeks before resuming strenuous contact sports, swimming or using hot tubs.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations about how soon you can resume your normal activities.

Certain health conditions can increase the risks associated with LASIK surgery medellin or make the outcome less predictable. Doctors may not recommend laser refractive surgery for you if you have certain conditions, including:

  • Autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • A weakened immune system caused by immunosuppressive medications or HIV
  • Persistent dry eyes
  • Unstable vision due to medications, hormonal changes, pregnancy, breast-feeding or age
  • Keratitis, uveitis, herpes simplex affecting the eye area, glaucoma, cataracts, eye injuries or lid disorders

If you wear contact lenses, which can change the shape of your cornea, you might have to stop wearing them a little while before your surgery and wear only your glasses. Your doctor will provide specific guidelines depending on your situation and how long you’ve been a contact lens wearer.

Before surgery, your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits of LASIK, what to expect before and after surgery, and any questions you may have.

Steps you can take to prepare for surgery include:

  • Arrange for a ride home. You’ll need to have someone drive you to and from your place of surgery. Immediately after surgery, you might still feel the effects of medicine given to you before surgery, and your vision may be blurry.
  • Skip the eye makeup. Don’t use eye makeup, cream, perfumes or lotions on the day before and the day of your surgery. Your doctor may also instruct you to clean your eyelashes daily or more often in the days leading up to surgery, to remove debris and minimize your risk of infection.

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